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landscaping around ac unit

AC Unit is a significant investment and one that can add value to your home. But how do you go about landscaping around AC unit?


Spring has sprung, so it’s time to get your yard in tip-top shape! If you have an air conditioning unit, you might wonder how to best landscape it. After all, you want your AC unit to function appropriately while blending in with your overall landscaping design.


You might wonder how to make it work with your landscaping plans. Here are six tips that will help you out.


Choose The Right Plants 

When selecting plants around your AC unit, choosing ones that won’t grow too tall or close to the unit itself is essential. When you landscape around your air conditioner, there should always be 2 to 3 feet of free space. Planting near the AC unit will lead to the compressor working harder, using more energy and driving up your utility bills.


You’ll also want to avoid plants with deep roots, as these could damage your unit. Some good options include holly, annuals, and grasses.



Mulch is a great way to add colour and texture to your landscaping without too much work. Simply spread it around your AC unit, and you’re good! There are many different types of mulch available, so you should have no problem finding one that suits your needs and taste.


Cedar mulches tend to offer insect and rot resistance and hold their colour well throughout the season. Cypress mulches have natural water-repellent properties, making them ideal for sloped areas or areas that drain poorly. No matter which type of mulch you choose, it will help improve the look of your landscaping while protecting your plants from various pests.


Mulching also helps prevent weed growth by blocking sunlight from reaching the soil surface. Weed seeds require sunlight to germinate, so by preventing them from getting any light, they won’t be able to grow. It means less work for you in the long run!


Create A Barrier 

Another way to landscape around your air conditioner is to create a barrier between the unit and any plants or mulch. Use landscaping fabric, chicken wire, or even plastic fencing.


Fencing is another great way to camouflage your AC unit. You can find fencing in various materials and colours to match your home’s style. Just make sure the fence is tall enough to completely cover the unit and that it’s not too close to obstructing airflow. Post Pickets or other short fence panels are ideal since they won’t obscure any vents on the sides of the unit.


Go Vertical

When most people think of landscaping, they think of flowers and bushes. But there are other options available to you. One excellent option is to go vertical with your landscaping. You can do this with things like trellises and lattices. You can then grow vines or other climbing plants up these structures. It will give your AC unit some coverage while allowing air to circulate properly.


Use Evergreen Trees or Shrubs

Planting evergreen trees or shrubs is a great way to cover up your AC unit. The best part about using evergreens is that they will stay green year-round, so you won’t have to worry about losing their leaves in the fall and becoming an eyesore.


Palm trees are a good option if you live in a warm climate since they can tolerate the heat and provide some shade for your AC unit. Just make sure you plant the trees or shrubs at least 2 feet away from the unit, so they don’t obstruct airflow.


Give Your AC A Good Cleaning

One of the best ways to ensure your AC unit is efficiently running is to give it a good cleaning. It means removing any leaves, twigs, or other debris that might have accumulated on the unit. You should also trim any plants or shrubs growing too close.


Giving your AC unit a good cleaning will not only help it run more efficiently, but it will also help it last longer. A clean AC unit is a happy AC unit!



Landscaping around your AC unit doesn’t have to be complicated. Following these simple tips, you can create a beautiful and functional landscaping design that keeps your AC unit running smoothly and efficiently. Contact your local HVAC company for assistance if you need help with air conditioner maintenance and installation. We will be able to help you choose the best landscaping option for your home and AC unit.

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