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Need to replace or upgrade your gas furnace, and you’re wondering how much is a gas furnace with installation? We have you covered. We have scoured the internet for answers and now present the estimates below to help you make the best decision for your home gas furnace purchase and installation.  

In general, a new forced-air gas furnace with installation would cost you as low as $2,000 to as much as $8,000. The price depends on different factors, including the location of the furnace you want to be installed or replaced, the kind of furnace you would choose, and the size of your home or room where you are planning to install the furnace.  

National average estimates for gas furnace installation are $6000. These costs would cover the labour, the removal of the old furnace and its disposal, and the installation of the new furnace. The estimates below provide a breakdown of costs for the installation of a gas furnace.

Natural Gas Furnace

Gas furnaces are the most popular choice. Methanol flows from the gas pipes to the municipal line and then into the gas burner. Ignition and combustion gas would increase temperature, helping sustain the heat and fire. 

Costs for gas furnaces are low and more environmentally friendly when compared to oil or propane gas options. 

Gas furnaces, however, require gas lines already in place at or near the home. Gas lines may not always be available in remote rural areas. The gas unit itself would cost $650 to $3000, and installation would range from $3000 to $8000.  

Propane Furnace

Homeowners can install propane furnaces in instances where the natural gas or other gas option is not available. The cost would depend mainly on the energy efficiency of the furnace. An additional fee is the installation of a tank to store the propane. On average, the cost of one unit would range from $800 to $2000; the installation would be from $2500 to $5000. Brand choice of propane furnace would significantly impact the actual costs incurred.  

Determinants of Price of Gas Furnace and Installation 

Brand of gas furnace

Your choice of the brand would significantly impact the cost you would incur in changing or installing a new gas furnace. Some brands are more expensive than others and designed for larger homes. The Lennox brand costs about $5500 per unit, with installation costs at almost $8000. The Bryant brand is relatively cheaper when compared to the Lennox brand, with the unit costing about $2500 and installation cost at $3900.  


Each province can have different prices for their furnaces. Some regions may also impose additional requirements and permits for installing furnaces, impacting the costs incurred for said furnaces. Moreover, due to the remote location of some areas, predominantly rural areas, access to gas lines can be difficult. As such, their options for heating can be limited and can be costlier.  


The labour involved in installing the furnace can also affect the final cost incurred. Depending on the company installing the heating system, the cost of labour can vary. Labour charges depend on the extent of work needed during the installation.  


The location of the gas furnace can also affect the final cost of the gas furnace and its installation. Some spaces may be smaller, making the installation process more difficult, often translating to more time to install the unit. 

More time installing translates to higher labour/installation costs. Some spaces may also have to be adjusted to accommodate the new furnace.  

Design factors to consider when upgrading or installing a new gas furnace

  1. 1950s designs – Standing pilot oil furnace, about 50% energy-efficient AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency)
  2. 1970s designs – Natural draft gas furnace, estimated at 65% energy efficiency AFUE
  3. 2000s designs – Forced vent furnaces, increased energy efficiency to 80% AFUE
  4. 2010s designs – Condensing gas furnaces, able to reach 90% energy efficiency AFUE
  5. 2015 to date – Upgraded condensing unit, reaching up to 97% energy efficiency AFUE

What to look for in gas furnaces

  1. Variable-speed blower. Newer designs should have this feature as this can provide options in airflow and help ensure energy efficiency while also reducing noise levels. 
  2. Two levels of heating capacity. Newer designs feature lower and more heating settings, allowing the user to adjust heating levels during summer months or wintery days.  
  3. Backup heat exchanger. The second heat exchanger provides additional support for the primary heat exchanger, allowing for more thermal units from the gas. 
  4. HEPA filters. HEPA filters cater to those who may be sensitive to pollutants.  

These features can make the gas furnace more expensive. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of these features and demand these for recent and pricey gas furnace brands and installations.  

Cost Based on Top Brands


This company has been manufacturing and installing gas furnaces for about 30 years, and they are considered one of the top brands in the market. Their energy efficiency is up to 98% AFUE, and they have a 20-year warranty for their new model furnaces. Goodman furnaces cost $1000 to $2500, and installation cost ranges from $2000 to $3500

Day & Night

This brand is also responsible for the Bryant brand, and its energy efficiency level is also at 98%. Their unit cost is $1000 to $1800, with installation costs at $3900 to $4500. 

They also offer a 20-year warranty on their new model furnaces. 


The York brand has been in the gas furnace business for more than 20 years. They are also responsible for the Coleman and Luxaire furnace brands. Their energy efficiency is up to 98%, but their warranty is only at five years. 

The York furnace averages about $1800, with newer models costing up to $3500. Their installation cost ranges from $2200 to $3200. 

American Standard

This is also a known and reputable brand in gas furnaces. While American Standard is the top choice in commercial gas furnaces, many find their residential furnaces more expensive. Their energy efficiency clears at 97%. Each unit is about $1500 to $1900, with installation costs estimated at $4000 to $6000. 

Conclusion: How Much is a Gas Furnace with Installation?

We hope we helped answer your question, and we hope we have given you the tools and information you need to make the best and most efficient decision for your home. Ensure that you regularly tune-up your furnace after installation to maintain optimum efficiency and extend the life of your heating system. Contact us if you would like a free equipment assessment and quote for a replacement furnace.



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