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Why is humidity in Vaughan important?

What is the ideal humidity in house in WinterThe ideal humidity range is between 30% and 50% in Vaughan, Ontario during the harsh winters.

About Indoor Humidity 

Humidity (the amount of water vapour in the air) varies depending on the season, weather, and location. For instance, in Winter, humidity levels tend to be typically lower. Whereas in summer, humidity levels will be higher. What this means is that hot air can hold more water vapour than cold air.

Too much indoor humidity can cause excess condensation on windows, musty smells, and even mould. Effects of not enough humidity in the home include bloody noses, increased static electricity, dry skin and lips. A smart thermostat can help in reducing humidity in your home.

Ideal Humidity Levels

According to the Mayo Clinic, humidity in your home should be between 30% and 50%.  Both the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency make the same recommendation.

Diagnosing a Humidity Problem 

How to know if there is a humidity problem? An inexpensive and easy-to-use instrument called a hygrometer (aka humidity sensor) measures the humidity level in your house. Moreover, it can confirm whether the house has too much or too little humidity. 

The most suitable hygrometers for household use are mechanical and electronic. For most households, either type will perform satisfactorily if adequately used and calibrated. 

Homeowners can buy a hygrometer just about anywhere, such as hardware stores, department stores, building supply stores and electronics stores. Typically, hygrometers and thermometers combine into a single piece of equipment.

Benefits of Increasing Humidity

A home with a healthy humidity level can have numerous benefits. Ideally, a home should have a humidity level of about 30% to 40% in the Winter. If it dips below 30%, it is much too dry, and if it is above 40%, the high humidity may be uncomfortable. Ideal home humidity in the Winter can:

  • Prevent illnesses: Viruses transmit easier in dry air. Increase humidity to reduce chances of picking up the flu or the common cold.  
  • Reduce indoor air pollution: The air will be healthier to breathe without allergens and other pollutants.
  • Hydrate skin: Prevent the symptoms of dry, irritated skin with increased humidity.
  • Avoid cracked furniture: Arid air can warp and crack indoor furniture and floors.
  • Reduce shocks: Dry winter air idealizes the irritating shocks we get when we touch specific surfaces.

How to Increase Humidity in the Winter

It is relatively easy to manage humidity levels in homes such as:

  1. Indoor houseplants. Indoor plants help purify the air and add to the humidity level. For example, a great choice to increase humidity in a house is a Elephant Ears plant or a Philodendron XanaduThe best choices are tropical houseplants that do well in dry conditions. 
  2. Boil water and cook using the stove top. Cooking and boiling water on a stove top adds moisture (humidity) into the air.
  3. An open container of water. Leave open water containers on top of warm surfaces such as a radiator. The warm air will gradually dissolve into the indoor air. 
  4. Shower & bath steam. 
    • Keep the door open when taking a bath or shower.  
    • Do not use the bathroom fan, which sucks excess moisture from the air.
    • Let warm bathwater sit to evaporate into the air.
  5. Seal doors & windows. Poorly insulated doors and windows leak moisture. For example, use weatherstripping and caulking to seal cracks.
  6. Install a humidifier. Perhaps one of the most straightforward solutions for controlling the house humidity in Winter is to use a humidifier. The best choice is to install a whole-home system such as furnace humidifier.

Conclusion: Ideal Humidity in House in Winter

The ideal humidity level in Vaughn during the Winter is between 30% and 50%. Too much or too little can cause health issues.

Measure the humidity in the home with a hygrometer. They are inexpensive and easy to use.  Purchase one at any store that sells room thermometers.

The benefits of controlling humidity levels in the home are numerous, including preventing viruses, avoiding cracked furniture, moisturizing skin, controlling dust and reducing shocks.

There are many ways of increasing humidity during the Winters such as installing a whole-house humidifier.

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