Furnace Repair Vaughan


Electric forced air furnace in Vaughan, Ontario

What Is Forced Air Heating?

You will generally locate the central unit for your forced air heating system in the basement of your home. Many homeowners typically confuse the air forced heating system for central air and use the two words to describe the same thing. So what is forced air heating? Let’s find out. A forced-air heating system produces heated air in a furnace or heat pump …

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variable speed furnace

Types of Furnaces

There are countless furnaces types, makes and models on the market today. How can we possibly know the right heating system for our home? In this article, we explain the differences between different types of furnaces and their pros and cons so that you can choose the most suitable for your home space. Furnaces have become a …

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energy recovery ventilation system (ERV)


All homes require ventilation, whether natural or mechanical. To improve energy efficiency, contractors now build airtight homes that receive very little natural ventilation. Thus, mechanical ventilation systems are essential to ensure that your home gets fresh air.  The popular choices for enhancing indoor air quality and reducing energy costs are the energy recovery ventilation system (ERV) and heat …

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