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Deciding on when to install a central air conditioner is a common debate. Some people will advise you to install one as the summer heat starts creeping up. And why not? This is the time you need it the most, right? But what about buying a unit during the winter, when you are likely to get a special offer? Because it is only logical that air conditioner sales are stronger during the summer months when the heat is in your face and making you sweat. 

But in reality, there is no good or bad time for making the purchase. And you might be surprised to find out why. 

Avoid Buying In The Summer Or Winter 

In terms of purchasing a unit during the winter, the HVAC companies are still getting a lot of orders. But these orders mostly consist of installing furnaces to beat the cold. And many homeowners are going to take this opportunity to replace or install central air conditioning because it saves on time and delivery costs. So, it might be tough to find a good deal.

At the same time, when the temperature starts to climb, the demand for units climbs with it. And this will automatically lead to higher prices for units and HVAC services in general. It means you will have a hard time tracking down good bargains. But if buying in the winter isn’t much better, what other options do you have?

Strike During The Off-Season

Historic, dangerous heat wave scorches western USA

Just like it is cheaper to visit a vacation area during the off-season, the same rules apply to central air conditioning units. And yes, there are two off-seasons you want to do your shopping, namely autumn and spring. If you want a quality unit at the best price, these are the seasons to make it happen. 

It does not require a lot of reasoning to conclude the lack of demand during autumn and spring. Just think about it for a second. The temperatures are not reaching extremes that make people act on it. It is cool enough during the day and warm enough during the night. Thus, very few people think about air conditioning around these seasons, leaving the gap open to find the best prices. Plus, contractors are much more willing to compromise their service costs if the demand is not there. 

Remember that the contractor heavily influences the price of installing central air conditioning and how much business they have at a particular time. Catch them during September, October, and November if you want to walk away from the winner in this deal.

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