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If you are dealing with high utility costs heating your home during the winter, it may be time to consider purchasing a programmable thermostat. In terms of what temperature to set the thermostat in winter, you should program your thermostat to 18°C – 21°C to keep warm and comfortable. 

When no one is present in the house, we recommend adjusting the temperature to about fifteen degrees to save money. Below we discuss the best temperature and conditions to set your thermostat during the winter season.

The Best Temperature for Winter

According to the HVAC technicians, the thermostat in winter should be around 18°C. To ensure that you reduce your annual energy bill, try reducing the thermostat a few degrees during the night. 

When you go on vacation with the family, adjust the thermostat to around 15°C. It is also possible to lower the thermostat a few degrees when leaving the house during the daytime.

For adults, the experts recommend 19°C as the minimum temperature indoors to keep warm and comfortable. In regions with high humidity, you can encounter respiratory problems if you go below the given temperature. 

If your house is occupied by small children, vulnerable persons, and the elderly, we recommend that you raise the temperature.

Adjust the Thermostat to the Best Winter Temperature

Although the HVAC professionals recommend that you lower the temperature at least one degree every week to ensure that everyone can acclimate, wearing extra clothes can assist you in adjusting to a lower temperature at your place.

Does the Thermostat Affect Heating?

If you have set the thermostat around 19°C, but you still feel cold, there might be a problem with the thermostat settings. If you place your thermostat in a sunny or warm spot at your place, then the feedback you will receive is false ghost readings. 

Avoid locating your thermostat in kitchens, hallways, above air vents, near windows and doors, and areas that experience direct sunlight. If you are using space heaters as a supplement heating method, we recommend that you keep them far away from your thermostat.

How to Use Your Thermostat Efficiently

Below we provide you with thermostat options that make it easier to adjust the thermostat at different times of the day.

Wi-Fi thermostats 

They function in a way that connects to the home’s internet service; hence, one can remotely adjust the indoor temperature by using an app present in your tablet or smartphone.

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats are similar to Wi-Fi thermostats as you can access them remotely. The difference is that the smart thermostats can self-adjust depending on the weather or a specific programmed schedule. Some smart thermostats have motion sensors as well.

Programmable thermostats

You can control programmable thermostats centrally or remotely. Please note that some programmable thermostats will not function with electric heaters or heat pumps.

Traditional thermostats

The traditional types of thermostats are relatively cheap and offer unique features. If it is not vital to adjust the temperature automatically, a conventional thermostat is for you.

Tips to Ensure That Your Thermostat Is Functioning Efficiently

You have learned that the temperature to set the thermostat in winter is around 19°C. Below are some tips you can use to ensure that your thermostat works effectively, especially during winter.

Ensure your place is adequately insulated

Poor home insulation is the beginning of all your problems. If your home is not adequately insulated, heat escapes from your home, leading to an overworked furnace. An overworking furnace will increase your energy bills rather than reducing them. 

If your place is not adequately insulated, contact a qualified HVAC technician to inspect and protect your home.

Ensure you get a tune-up for your furnace

As you are well aware, furnaces reduce in efficiency over time. However, if you properly take care of the furnace present at your place, the optimal efficiency of your furnace will last for longer durations.

Move away furniture blocking the vents

If there is furniture blocking the vent system, this will restrict airflow at your place and reduce heat reaching the different locations at your home. Remove all items obstructing the vent system to ensure you stay warm during winter.

Enjoy your winter

Since you now know what temperature to set the thermostat in the winter, you should maintain your furnace regularly to ensure you and your family stay warm and comfortable. 

If you encounter any problems with your thermostat and do not know what to do, you can contact your trusted HVAC expert to assist you in fixing your thermostat and ensure that it is up and running. If your thermostat is in good condition and is running efficiently, there is no excuse why you and your family can’t live safely and comfortably.

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