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At What Temperature Should You Turn On the Heat

At what temperature should you turn on the heat? Sometimes weather might be a little unpredictable. Today can be warm without any need for the heater, while tomorrow could be the opposite situation.

So when do you turn on your home heat? Deciding the correct temperature is usually a little tricky, given that you want to conserve power. For instance, the 2006 Survey of Household Spending by Statistics Canada (StatCan) revealed that Canadians spend an average of $1,895 on electricity, natural gas, and other fuels for heating and cooking at home. 

In addition, indoor humidity levels affect your comfort level.

In the end, you might turn up the heat when it has affected you in one way or the other. So, at what temperature should you turn on the heat? Let’s find out. 


At what temperature should you turn on the heat? The right temperature might come down to preference. 

Depending on how comfortable you get with the changes, you might prefer to have it relatively balanced or maybe a little warmer or varying between some range. You might not be alone in the house, and you might be in the company of children, or maybe someone might be sick. 

The temperature they prefer might be pretty different from our preference, and that’s why we cannot set a threshold for turning on your heat. 

The Overall Condition of Indoor Air 

Depending on the weather, the temperature varies within a specific range; it might get uncomfortable at some point and lead to the overall unbearable condition. 

When you consider this, you might need to turn the heat on at this point where it gets uncomfortable. That’s where the thermostat will significantly help, but it’s essential to mark the trends so that you set it to a certain level. When it gets to that setting, the heat will automatically be turned on, especially at night when you cannot be waking up to turn it on. 

The Ideal Temperature for Turning On the Heat 

Typically, many people turn on the heat at approximately 18°C, a moderate temperature. However, with all the other considerations in mind, no specific temperature marks the time to turn the heat on. 

Some might start getting uncomfortable at a temperature lower than that, while others will still be comfortable at a temperature higher than that. Therefore, the ideal temperature of turning on your heat is when the environment inside the house becomes uncomfortable, and you feel the need to turn in the heat to raise the temperature to bearable levels. 

Depending on the seasons, that temperature can also vary a lot. The temperature you will turn on your heat during winter is not the exact temperature you will turn on during autumn or summer. It varies. 

Automatic Temperature Control 

Modern AC systems regulate the temperature with the help of a thermostat. It detects the surroundings and turns the heat on or off. However, when the heat reaches a certain level, you might want to turn it off even before the thermostat does. 

In the same way, when it gets cold, you might want to turn it on. However, you can still have the automated control help you exactly how to enjoy it too. You can set the thermostat to a specific temperature so that when it reaches that, it will prompt the heat to turn on automatically. Automation is specifically helpful during the night when you cannot turn it on or off manually. 

Should Outdoor Temperature Determine When to Turn On the Heat? 

The outdoor temperature should not determine what temperature you turn on your heat. Several factors can make your house feel colder inside, while the temperature is the same outdoors in reality. For instance, your home may be well insulated, so it does not get out as fast as outside. 

Other factors such as ventilation might lead to a variation of the temperature inside the house. For example, when it is hot, the ventilation can help regulate your temperature, unlike when it could be poorly ventilated. That’s why it makes sense to have your indoor temperature decide for you when you should be on your heat. 

At What Temperature Should You Turn On the Heat – Conclusion 

The temperature at which someone should turn on the heat is extraordinarily variable. It depends on several issues, such as the environment, your preferences, and other factors. So, we can be pretty limited if we select only a specific temperature to be the fixed threshold. 

However, when we consider a number of the factors here, we might not be limited to a specific temperature range. 

With all these factors in mind, you can now decide on the temperature and get to answer the question “at what temperature should you turn on the heat?” more appropriately. However, all factors held constant, 64°F can be a reasonable threshold for turning on your heat. 

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