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Central Air vs Heat Pump

If you wonder how you can cool your Vaughan, Ontario home this summer, you have come to the right place. With the ongoing debate between central air vs heat pump, many homeowners are confused about what system to choose for their homes.

With the latest AC units delivering better energy efficiency and performance, deciding which method to choose for your home boils down to your individual cooling needs and budget. This article provides information on the pros and cons of central air and ductless heat pumps to facilitate choosing the best method for your home.

How Does A Central AC Work?

Central Ac are standard in many homes in Vaughan, Ontario. The system relies on an AC unit located outside the building to pump and circulate cool air throughout your home via a ductwork system. A prominent disadvantage of the system is it only provides cooling. 

Ductless heat pumps provide both cooling and heating. They are also known as “mini-split heat pumps.” The system uses external heat pumps linked to an indoor air handler mounted on a wall. If you don’t want to install ductwork in your home, you should opt for ductless heat pumps to cool and heat your home during different seasons.

Centralized VS Zoned Comfort

The central air conditioner’s capacity to deliver cooled air throughout your home may depend on the size of your home. If your home is too large, the unit must work harder to keep your family comfortable. It increases energy consumption as a result. On the other hand, setting up the system is subject to certain limitations, such as using one temperature setting for the entire building. It will also cool the unoccupied rooms in the house simultaneously.

Heat pumps are ideal for larger homes since it only cools the immediate area. You can set different temperatures to cool each room with a ductless system. The only drawback is you may require more heat pumps to cool a larger home. However, you can target the necessary heating or cooling for each room with such a system. Hence, it is a better custom home cooling solution for zoned comfort

Summer VS Year-Round Solutions

Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer | Van Natta

Central ACs cool your entire home. Hence, they are great for warm weather conditions. But you need a separate heating system such as a furnace or boiler to heat the house in the winter season. A ductless heat pump offers the best of both worlds. Hence, you should opt for a ductless heat pump if you reside in Vaughan, ON, where the weather often changes from cold to hot. It’s a single system that’s easy to install and maintain compared to installing a central AC and a furnace and maintaining both. 

Fixed VS Flexible

Ductless heat pumps have small flexible tubes to deliver air to your home. On the other hand, central ACs have bulky ductwork systems running throughout your home to provide cool air. Installing a central AC in your home requires setting up ductwork. It can be more costly and invasive than installing a ductless heat pump, a straightforward and quick installation.

Central Air vs Heat Pump – Get Efficient Cooling Upgrades!

Save up to 20-40% on energy costs by replacing your old or outdated central AC with the latest energy-efficient units. Ductless heat pumps are an excellent upgrade for your home to save money while enjoying higher comfort levels in both seasons. Assess your family’s needs and budget before choosing the right solution for your home.

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