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How Many Mini-Split Zones Do I Need

“How many mini-split zones do I need?” You might be asking this question when you first consider getting ductless AC. Most articles on mini-split systems contain information about zones. Some units only feature a single zone, while others may have three, four or even more zones.

If you’re currently searching for a mini-split system for your home, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about these zones and their meaning.

We will assimilate mini-splits to either single-zone or multi-zone systems to make things easier.

Single Zone Ductless Mini-Splits

A single-zone setup allows you to use one single ductless mini-split system featuring one indoor and one outdoor unit. You can install this system in one of the rooms in your building. It regulates only the temperature in this room, but it can’t cater to the heating or cooling needs in other rooms in this building.

Multi-Zone Ductless Mini-Splits

Multi-zone ductless mini-split systems feature one compressor that connects to multiple indoor units. The minimum number of indoor units is two, but you can add up to five systems, should you need your system to regulate and control the temperature in as many rooms.

How Many Mini-Split Should I Use?

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The number of zones to choose is always equal to the number of rooms you want to heat or cool with the help of your multi-zone mini-split system. Consider each room as its zone.

For instance, if your home has a living room, three bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a home office and two bathrooms, you should start by choosing all rooms you want better heating or cooling in. These could be your home office, your bedrooms and your living room. It means you’ll have to install a multi-zone mini-split system featuring five zones, namely five indoor units.

Installation Options

The compressor is always going to be outdoors. You can choose how you want to install the indoor units in the desired rooms of your home. If you want them to be less noticeable, you can opt for a ceiling-cassette style. You may also install indoor units under the floor. Wall mounting with horizontal ducting is yet another option.

Keep in mind, though, that the more units you add to your mini-split system, the more cumbersome and therefore the more expensive your system maintenance. In addition, installation costs will be higher. Nevertheless, a multi-zone mini-split system is your best option if you could use better temperature control in all of those rooms.

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Now that you know more about single-zone and multi-zone ductless mini-split systems, you are probably able to determine the best choice for your home or office. Suppose you’re seeking someone to install your mini-split system. Contact us now. Furnace Repair Vaughan provides ductless units featuring as many as five zones and serving surface areas of over 2,000 square feet.

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