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benefits of ductless air conditioning

Are you living in a relatively small space and need to be comfortable in the Vaughan summer? Then, it would be best if you went in for ductless air conditioning. Ductless systems are mini-split systems and have become popular as they make for compact, simple, and quiet. Here are six benefits of ductless air conditioning when you use it in your Vaughan home.

Installation is Fast

When you have a traditional HVAC system installed, the process can be lengthy and complex if you need new ductwork installed. On the other hand, you can quickly install a ductless air conditioner, so you don’t have to wait for a long time to cool your home.

If your home is small and does not have more than a few rooms, a competent service technician can complete the job in just one day. These ductless air conditioners also make the right choice if planning extensions to your home. It can cost you more if you have to extend the ducting of your existing central HVAC system.

Personalized Comfort

Families usually don’t agree about the temperatures they need in the house, but these disagreements will be a thing of the past with ductless installations. You can have different installations in every room, allowing all rooms to have their set temperature. Every family member can set the room’s temperature to the temperature they desire so that everyone is comfortable and happy.

Energy Efficiencies of Ductless Systems

Some reasons make ductless air conditioners more energy efficient. These are:

  • You can switch off the units in unoccupied rooms. It can help you to save on energy. All rooms will be cooled by central HVAC systems, even when not occupied.
  • In a traditional HVAC system, leaks can develop in the ducting and reduce unit efficiency. If there are no ducts, these problems will never arise. 
  • Standard air conditioners have compressors that can be one or two speeds. These need to cycle between on and off to maintain the desired temperature in the home. It leads to greater consumption of electricity. Ductless air conditioners come equipped with variable speed compressors that continually adjust their speed to keep the air-conditioned space constant. There is no switching on and off throughout the day, making them more energy-efficient.

Improvement in Air Quality

Some members of your family have asthma or other allergies, but ductless air conditioners are adept at improving air quality. Traditional air conditioning systems will have ducts that tend to accumulate debris, dust and dirt, affecting health.

There are no ducts in a ductless system, and you will never have this problem. These systems have multi-layer filtration that can help to reduce the pollutants, allergens and dust that can enter your living space. It keeps your home clean and healthy, and these systems can also help reduce the humidity in the environment.  

Space Savers

Ductless air conditioners are very compact, making them all the more appealing. Window units can be intrusive and unsightly. Central systems can be complex and bulky, require some basement or attic space, and need extensive ductwork. 

Ductless air conditioners consist of an outdoor compressor/condenser or heat pump and an indoor air-handling unit. You can use a single outdoor unit for as many as four air handlers installed on each room’s walls. Moreover, a ceiling cassette makes for a more discreet solution than a unit on the wall. 

Minimal Maintenance

A ductless air conditioner will remain in good condition if you regularly clean the filters and ensure that vents in the wall units are clear. The space around the outdoor unit must be clean and tidy to avoid obstructing the airflow. Properly maintained ductless air conditioners can have a working life of 20 years.

Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning – Conclusion

A central air conditioning unit is often the best choice for large homes, but if you have a home of fewer than 2000 sq ft, your ductless air conditioner makes for a better option. It is more energy-efficient, can be set to different temperatures in different rooms, helps improve air quality, and is very compact. Properly maintained, a ductless AC system can last for up to 20 years.

Furnace Repair Vaughan installs the best quality ductless air conditioners. Get in touch with us at (289) 814-9070 to get quick and friendly service for upgrading to a ductless air conditioner.

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