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Why Is Your Air Conditioner Not Shutting Off

If an air conditioner is not shutting off the way you want it to, there can be concerns about the room becoming increasingly cold as time goes on. It is why it’s essential to figure out why the AC keeps running in the background and what the issue might be.

The problems can include:

  1. Clogged air filter
  2. Frozen evaporator coils
  3. Messy condenser coils
  4. Malfunctioning fan motor
  5. Malfunctioning electrical relay switch
  6. Damaged thermostat

With the help of Furnace Repair Vaughan, it’s possible to figure out what’s going on with the AC and how to fix it. You should seek a qualified professional who will be on top of things right away and set up an appointment as soon as you call in.

Should Your AC Run Throughout The Day?

When the heat increases, it is not supposed to push the AC to run all day long. An AC should go on cycles, and each cycle should last around 20 minutes. It ensures the AC runs the way it is supposed to and does not burn out. When it hits the right temperature, it’s supposed to power down before turning on again as the temperature rises.

When the AC is running without shutting off, this is a serious concern and one you should look into. It would be best if you shouldn’t run the AC all the time. You will waste quite a bit of power, and the system will also break down rapidly. 

Why Is The AC Not Shutting Off?

The AC may refuse to shut off for several reasons, and it comes down to understanding what the HVAC system is all about. Here are some of the reasons why it’s not shutting off.

Electrical problems

There are components within the AC that might not work as they should. It includes not understanding how the electrical relay switch functions. If the relay switch does not open, the power continuously runs to the AC without being controlled. It can create a situation where the AC keeps running even when it shouldn’t. 

Malfunctioning thermostat

In most cases, a person should be looking at changing the thermostat every decade or so. The reason has to do with the thermostat getting older and collecting dirt that is hard to manage. There can also be issues surrounding the wiring, which might loosen or fray.

Incorrect thermostat settings

Why Is Your Air Conditioner Not Turning On?

There are situations where the AC might keep running, but the temperature will not be correct. It happens when many people are playing around with the temperature and changing it up and down throughout the day. It’s essential to look into this when figuring out what works and what does not for your thermostat. 

Damaged fan limit switch

The fan is supposed to run for a set period, which might not happen when the unit is not cycling as required. It is due to the fan limit switch getting stuck. Also, it causes the system to keep running even when it shouldn’t. You will want to reset the limit switch close to the blower fan to eliminate this problem.

Messy condenser and condenser coils

The cooling process starts with hot air going over the evaporator coil. It helps cool down the air as the AC pushes it out throughout the house. The refrigerant is designed to go through the line and then pass to the outdoor unit. From this point, the compressor pressurizes the refrigerant and pushes it to the condenser coil as the heat is released.

When there is something stuck on the condenser coil (i.e. dirt, debris), things start to worsen in terms of performance. You will notice the condenser coils are too dirty, which starts to restrict the amount of power your unit has. 

When there is debris, this also restricts how things are done when air travel. It is essential to look for debris such as mulch, tall weeds, grass clippings, and other similar issues. If you are not doing this, you will not figure out why the AC continues to run all the time.

Frozen evaporator coils

The AC tends to keep running because the evaporator coils freeze. It happens as the vent blows hot air, but the condenser coils have a layer of ice on them. Also, it is a serious concern because the evaporator coils might not be getting enough heat to perform as expected. It causes the air to not cool as required.

The reason evaporator coils freeze has to do with dirt buildup. It is also possible for the air to not flow through the air filter because it is clogged. You have to also check for a layer of ice that can settle on the evaporator coil due to a clogged drain line and condensate drip pan.

Unclean air filter

The air filter is responsible for cleaning the air coming into the system. If it is unclean, this will damage the rest of the unit’s performance as time goes on. It won’t allow the system to cycle as you would assume it should.

Declining refrigerant levels

The refrigerant levels have to be at a specific volume for the AC unit to work correctly. It is the only way the temperature will struggle to hit the number you want. The issue may include a leak in the line or the coils getting damaged. It’s essential to think about this in great detail to ensure you are running the system wisely. 

Declining fan speed

The fan speed is too low. You have to make sure the system is running correctly, or the AC will not work well at all. You have to think about this when it comes to the present’s dirt and grime. It is essential to see if something on the fans is getting in the way.

Wrong unit

You may be using an air conditioner that is not the right size for the property. When it is too small, the unit will keep running to keep up with the cooling needs of your home. It is an actual concern, and it can happen when the homeowner doesn’t consider what they install in the property. In this case, you would have to replace the AC.

What’s The Solution For An AC That Doesn’t Turn Off?

When the AC continues to run, it is vital to go through a few steps to fix the issue.

1. Increase the thermostat temperature 

The goal here is to play around with the thermostat to see if that can help with shutting off the unit. You would want to increase the temperature on the thermostat by a bit. It will ensure the AC does turn off when it reaches a specific temperature. 

2. Set fan to AUTO

You will want to go to the fan settings as well. The goal here is to make sure you have the fan running on AUTO, which is a must when doing things the right way. You will want to see how the AC is running and set on AUTO. It will allow the fan to stop running as soon as it reaches the desired temperature. If you keep it on, it will always run.

3. Fix air flow issues

You will have to check how the air is travelling through the system. It is key to making sure the air is not getting restricted in any way. It includes when it makes contact with the air filter. You should change the air filter and remove any debris that is present.

4. Clean the blower fan

Always take the time to clean the blower fan. It is what pushes the air through the system. There can be dust and mould on the fan that needs immediate attention.

You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Shut off the power supply.
  2. Remove the circuit board without taking out the wires. Just move the circuit board to the side.
  3. Now unscrew the blower motor assembly and take it out of the cabinet.
  4. Clean the fan blades using a brush. Vacuum the cabinet too.
  5. Reposition the circuit board and blower assembly. Restore power to the AC.

Contact Furnace Repair Vaughan Now 

Consult with a professional when all DIY solutions don’t work out for those dealing with this issue. A qualified HVAC technician will take the time to help you. You may have to replace the AC system if it’s too old. Don’t hesitate to call Furnace Repair Vaughan now.

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