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Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water

Your air conditioner is most likely going to be working overtime once the summer months arrive. Most homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area will experience leaks in their AC, wondering why this is happening and the solution. Below, we shall discuss the reasons why your air conditioner is leaking and the steps to fix the problem.

Why And How Water Forms In An Air Conditioner

Many homes have air conditioning systems comprising outdoor and indoor units. The indoor one houses an evaporator coil that cools the incoming warm air that flows over it, creating the ideal indoor temperature. The cooling condenses water droplets on the evaporator coils that drip into a drain pan attached to a condensate drain line.

The drain line directs the water in the pan safely out of your house. Thus, it ensures you do not experience leaks when using your air conditioning system. Unfortunately, the AC will leak the condensate (water) inside your home for other reasons, which should not cause you to panic.

Let’s examine some instances where this could be happening and remedy the issue.

A Clogged Drain Line

A clogged condensate drain line can be a reason for your AC to leak. Dirt, mould, dust, and debris can clog the pipe over time, inhibiting proper draining of the water in the drain pan. The backup line will result in a backflow of water, meaning the drain pan will not empty, and the water will find a means of escaping, thus leaking into your home.

You can use a wet/dry vacuum to unclog the condensate drain lines. However, exercise caution when using the vacuum to remove the debris, blocking the line and causing the backup to avoid causing any damage.

It is best to consider calling professionals for help if you are confident about your skills or the vacuuming method fails to give the desired results. The professionals have the skills, experience, and equipment to extract anything causing blockage drain lines.

Dirty Air Filter

Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking and How Can I Fix It

Manufacturers and AC installation and repair experts recommend changing the air filter in your air conditioner monthly. Your unit will work harder and become inefficient when the air filter is dirty, and this can lead to other parts getting worn out or damaged.

Furthermore, a dirty air filter means restricted airflow in and out of your house, so little air flows over the evaporator coil. The coil will then begin to freeze, forming excessive ice. As the coil thaws, the process generates a lot of water that drips into the drain pan, which might overflow.

If your air conditioner is leaking, it might be a case of a filthy air filter. That is why it is best to monitor your AC’s air filter and change it monthly.

Low Refrigerant

The pressure inside your air conditioner drops as the refrigerant volume gets lower. The decreased pressure can lead to a freezing evaporator coil that can turn into a wet mess. If your AC takes longer to cool your home than it should, it is best to inspect the refrigerant volume. Conversely, if the air conditioner makes bubbling or hissing sounds, this can also signify a leak.

Finding the leak in time could see you fix the problem before there is more damage. Failing to address the issue in time could have you investing in a new air conditioning system. So, schedule routine inspections to help prevent such problems from happening. Also, it is best to have the professionals do a comprehensive AC inspection at the end of spring or the start of summer.

Other Reasons For AC Leaks

The air conditioner in your home or office might start leaking water due to other reasons:

  • It might be an older model that has seen better days. As such, your unit might be rusted, have worn-out parts, or damaged drain pain. It is best to consider getting a new pan if your AC is 12 to 15 years. The new replacement might remedy the leaking problem.
  • An AC could start leaking if it has a broken condensate pump. The pump pushes water outside, especially for units installed in the basement. A broken condensate pump means the water has nowhere to go, leading to leakage. Repairing or replacing the pump is the solution that safeguards your basement and home from water damage.

It is best to turn to skilled technicians when you doubt your abilities. Never ignore your AC when it starts acting up, making weird noises, or dripping fluids. Let a professional check and fix the problem.

No More AC Leaks!

If you know what to look for and have the tools for fixing your leaking air conditioner, then get hands-on and address the issue. However, call the specialists at Furnace Repair Vaughan if you want efficient solutions to your AC problem. Our technicians will inspect your system to determine what is causing the leaks and fix the issue.

We recommend taking the necessary precautions and remedy the problem before things get out of hand so that your home can be cool and leak-free all summer. Get in touch with us today for more information on our Expert AC Services. Our technicians are ready to assist you in the Greater Toronto Area.

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