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How Long Does a Furnace Last

How Long Does a Furnace Last?

One of the worst things that can happen is your heating system breaking down at 2:00 AM when the outside temperature is -30C. How long does a furnace last? Should we keep repairing the old unit? Are there things that we can do to reduce middle-of-the-night furnace breakdowns? The focus of this article is to answer all of these questions and more.

When You Should Replace Your Gas Furnace

The duration it takes for you to replace your furnace hugely depends on certain factors that include the home’s size, the installer’s skill, and the furnace type you want to replace. Replacing a furnace can take about five to ten hours. 

When replacing a gas furnace, the installation is supposed to be smooth and the ducts should be aligned in the correct manner. The energy efficiency of the furnace can alter your ductwork. In case you want to replace your older furnace with a modern furnace type, installing it will take a longer duration. When considering which furnace size to purchase, you should evaluate your home size. 

In case you have a big home, you can buy a big one although it will take a longer duration to install. If you purchase a small furnace, it will not last because of overexertion.

When you are searching for an HVAC technician or professional that will help you with the install, he should be able to give you some pointers on the best furnace for your place and one that is energy efficient.  

A furnace of which has great energy efficiency will lower your heating bills and definitely last for longer durations even though it will take you an eternity to finish installing the new furnace. You should rely on an expert that will reduce downtime and finish installing your new furnace within no time.

How Long Does a Furnace Last?

For the gas furnace, its average lifespan is around fifteen to twenty years. This of course doesn’t mean that you should replace immediately furnaces aged around fifteen years. This gives you a rough idea as to how long the furnace is able to serve you and if replacing the furnace at your home is a good option as opposed to repairing the furnace.

In case you do not know your furnace’s age and when you should replace the furnace, you should check for the serial number provided by the manufacturer located on the furnace’s cover.

You should note down the serial digits and contact your HVAC technician to acquire the manufacturing date. In case you find out that your furnace is almost surpassing fifteen years and the furnace has some repairs scheduled, it is better for you to replace the furnace with an upgraded one.

Furnace’s Lifespan

It is very important that you know and understand the furnace’s lifespan in order to ensure that you make proper decisions in handling the furnace problems you are encountering. The furnace’s age can indicate that replacement should be done together with other issues. 

In case you possess a furnace that is over fifteen years old and it still functions properly, you possess a superior furnace system that is very strong. There are some issues you still have to consider if you want your furnace to last for longer durations.

Regular Maintenance

Keeping all the other issues aside that include the furnace’s age, regular furnace maintenance conducted by your HVAC professional is mandatory in terms of how long does a furnace last.

Regular maintenance ensures the furnace works efficiently and one has a good idea as to when is the right time to replace the furnace with a new one. It also ensures the fan and ventilation systems are well inspected, air filters are clean and repairs are done before they turn into big problems.

Furnace Reliability

In case you have a reliable and efficient furnace of which doesn’t require any replacement, you can invest in a similar model to the one you already have or you can buy one that is updated. A reliable and sturdy furnace can turn out to be one of the greatest investments at your home for the heating system of which is worth it in the long run.

Signs That You Need to Replace the Furnace

In terms of how long does a furnace last, down below are the signs that show that your furnace days are almost over. It is not a nice feeling knowing that your furnace days are over and replacement is needed. 

You should be in a good position to identify the different signs that show your furnace needs replacing as so to reduce the costs and prevent the home from freezing up as you wait to replace the furnace. The signs are as follows:

  1.  Air quality is lowered.
  2. Energy bills increase rapidly
  3. Frequent furnace repairs
  4. Uneven heating.

Replacing Your Furnace

If the furnace has already been repaired, inspected and doesn’t work properly ad it should, then you should replace it with a new one. If your furnace model is durable and has survived for a long duration, you may consider a similar version of the furnace. 

Even though the investment can be costly, the modern furnace types are more reliable and energy-efficient as opposed to the older furnace types.

How Long Does a Furnace Last – Conclusion

As of now, you are already aware of the different factors that contribute ad to how long does a furnace last. 

In case your furnace has survived a long duration and you are not sure of the steps in replacing the furnace in case its time has reached, you should consider scheduling a call with an HVAC technician or professional that will assist you to understand your furnace’s current efficiency and find a possible replacement option. 

You should be able to enjoy your winter, not worrying about your furnace and the problems accompanied by it.