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air source heat pumps

Thanks to air source heat pumps (ASHPs), outdoors can be converted into heating for residential and commercial properties. The heat pumps are an efficient and eco-friendly solution. However, many potential buyers have questions they’d like to have answered before installation. For example, many would like to know how noisy ASHPs tend to be. 

Governments advocate for ASHPs because they are a powerful tool for helping nations meet targets for CO2 emissions. The United Kingdom’s Department of Energy and Climate Change published a report on the noise produced by ASHPs back in 2011. Nine sites throughout the UK were a party to this study. According to the report, the sound levels of these pumps were unlikely to cause an issue for consumers. Noise levels were in line with estimates from manufacturers and current guidelines. 

Levels of ASHP Decibel

So how many decibels are 'healthy'? | Silent Windows

With that said, the primary purpose of this study was to understand better what sound pressure was approximately 1m from the heat pump. Focusing on this made it possible for researchers to analyze tonal noise and provide recommendations to manufacturers. This report’s data is helpful, but it isn’t an ideal resource for either homeowners or commercial properties. To get a better sense of the noise levels of these heat pumps, you’ll need to address the amount of noise ASHPs produce on a typical day. 

A helpful comparison is to compare the decibel levels of household objects against ASHPs: 

  • On average, hairdryers produce approximately 80 decibels 
  • Standard washing machines produce 70 decibels 
  • Vacuum cleaners typically have noise levels of 70 decibels 
  • Noise levels for dishwashers fall anywhere from 70 to 80 decibels 

Now that you have a better sense of the amount of noise produced by frequently used household objects, it’s time to take a closer look at ASHPs. 

While decibels can vary based on the system installed, you can expect ASHPs to generate somewhere from 40 to 60 decibels. It’s in line with the amount of noise you’d get from music playing in the background at a shop or from a bird call. 

Air Source Heat Pumps – Conclusion

It’s common to see inaccurate beliefs about the amount of noise produced by ASHPs. Although this equipment is on the larger side, it tends to be pretty quiet. The amount of sound produced can vary based on factors such as the pump purchased and installation quality. As long as your installation is handled by a certified professional, it’s likely that there will be virtually no noise pollution from your ASHP.

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